Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is broaching?

A Broaching is a machining process where a cutting tool (called a broach) is pushed or pulled through the part being machined (broached). 

Alternative answer:

It can also be defined as "reduced to it's simplest terms, broaching is a method of altering the size or finish of holes in metal or other material by pulling or pushing a tapered tool with a number of cutting teeth through it."

Q How is the horizontal broaching operation performed?

A When horizontal pull broaching, the operator inserts the tool through a pilot hole of the part and locks or pins the tool into a puller on the machine. A lever is then pulled by the machine operator to start the hydraulic process. Once the tool travels through the part completely and the hydraulic ram rests against the ram stop, the part is now broached.

Q What specific information must I provide to find out if my job can be completed?

A Most jobs require the most basic information.

Operation type performed:

Enter Hexagon, bi-hexagon, square, rectangle, single "D" double "D", keyway, serration, spline, inverted tab, or other not listed using the selection drop down box on the submittal form.

Length of cut:

Enter the length of the part or how far the tool has to travel while it cuts inside the part.

Material used:

Enter material you will provide us for the broaching process.


Enter the quantity provided for the current quote as well as any future amounts if the job will repeat.

Q How do I submit a request for quote for a job?

A Fill in all necessary information on the submittal form and then click the Send button. Once the information is received, a response will be returned in a timely manner.